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In reply to "Anonymous", If you purchased the product, and wanted to send it back (at your cost for shipping and handling by the way), then do so. I assume that you were not scammed by them though.

Whatever the case, I might just throw the 90 day supply in the garbage. I am however, not mailing it back at my own cost.

I'm very happy I was able to get refunded from my bank and I think more people should be proactive and take that approach. :) :) :)

Original review posted by user Mar 14, 2013

YOU can get your MONEY back and SCREW them at the same TIME...!!!

I ordered the YOUTHOLOGY product for my wife like many other people. The product doesn't work AT alI by the way... I paid for a 30 day trial ONLY and they then sent me 90 day supply without my knowledge. I received an e-mail first. I then called the company and told them not to send it. They said it was too late. The shipping day was until one day later so what was the problem???

I cancelled the account (at Youthology) at that moment and told them I did not want anything else from this company but they had already charged my credit/debit card for an additional $49.99.

At this point I did not get MAD, I got even. I called the bank and disputed the charge. They immediately refunded me back the $49.99. One month later, they charge my card AGAIN for $39.99. I again disputed, and won. This time the bank suggested that I cancel this debit card and they would re-issue another. At that point, they COULD NOT recharge me. So thats what I did. I also KEPT the 90 day supply and I'm going to sell it on craigslist. Now they lost 90 supply and it will eventually effect their P&L. If enough people follow this process, we can slowly but surely STOP this scam companies in a small way.

So don't get MAD. GET Even !!!


Monetary Loss: $50.

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Broaddus, Texas, United States #1231829

Good For you mine it's was lost by mail and they still bill me for additional so I deputed the charged and they put collection on my credit reports.never buy stuff thought internet,


You seem to think that disputing with your card is a magic button to get your money back. To win a dispute like that takes time, and not everyone may win the way you did.

If you ordered over the phone, they tell you abou the program when you order. If you order from their website, its right there in black and white ont he order page. They also put the information on the back of each invoice they send out. There is no way you didnt agree to this.

That means they are not a scam, and you are a moralless *** who committed fraud against a legitimate business.

How does it feel? :eek

to Anonymous Rolleston, Canterbury, New Zealand #954031

Sounds like you work for youthology anonymous! You seem to be promoting their scamming ways.

Nice one!

The complaints speak for themselves, the customer is always right. Remember that!

Greenwood, Indiana, United States #624194

Thanks for the advice, I am being scammed by them too.


So stealing from them makes everything better. Way to win the *** contest.

Youthology is going to be so sad that they lost the proceeds from your "sale" that the CFO will have to go to intense counseling for that terrible financial mistake. You're really sticking it to the man.

to Anonymous Boston, Massachusetts, United States #879626

Apparently he's sticking it to you like it came out of your account. Like he said ***, if enough people do it then yes they will loose a lot of money.

As far as the bank reimbursing you, we are always on our client's side. Our customers come first!

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