I have contacted Youthology several times to cancel the orders. They say they dont have any records of my contacting them and continue to bill me even after I spoke to the customer service giving them instructions to dis-continue.

I'm told each time that they can not issue a refund on any of my unopened boxes that they have sent.The scam of this company is to continue billing my credit card thru automatic shipments. Beware of them, if you call the cutomer service line at least get the name if the employee number and name of the rep that you spoke to.

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Just got ripped my self..all i can say is f@*k me!!!

Im going to sell water pills on an automatic re subscription basis and become a millionaire..

If this is allowed than take advantage.

I figure 10,000 subscriptions x $80 = $800,000 wow..


Okay. Fraud is against the law, it is a crime.

These people are no more than snake oil manufacturers. What I don't understand is how these people who are known scammers continue to commit fraud over the air waves? Why haven't they been arrested or brought to trial? Can anyone just stick anything in a bottle, say it does something amazing, and sell it to the public over the air waves?

Isn't there something illegal about that? BUYER BEWARE is the best advice for any internet shopping.

Don't do it. Order a catalog, order through the mail, internet shopping is full of pitfalls and the ones doing the falling is always the consumer.

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