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Youthology continues to take money from my account. If you have seen this on TV they don't say that they are going to keep sending more than you expect to get and automatically charge your account, which would seem like an important detail.

They mention it on one line of their site. So read carefully. They hope you miss this detail so they can continue to take your money. I'm sure this happens allot and most people will cut their losses but this is a scam as far as I'm concerned.

Buyer beware. If they wanted you to know this it would be in large bold letters so you can't miss it.

Monetary Loss: $89.

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I called customer service to obtain return number for a second delivery! I was told I would not be getting a refund because I had signed up for an automatic shipment and they plain and simply dont give refunds, that they would cancell any future orders but they just dont give refunds.

When i place the order i did not see any option to sign up for automatic billing and shipping for the rest of my life. :(


If you want to stop the automatic withdrawals from your credit or debit card account without hassle and calls to this SCAM company. Simply cancel your card and get another card number.

Then inform your card company of the fraudulent withdrawal on your card. I don't know if the second part works yet because I'm still in the process of doing this (so I might lose what they fraudulent withdrew the second time), but the first part worked well. In 3 days I had a new card and goodbye to scammy youthology. BTW, they had the nerve to contact me by email to tell me they couldn't bill my account anymore and if I would contact them to take care of it...HA!

I emailed them back that I NEVER AUTHORIZED a continuing withdrawal and I DID NOT authorize them to send anymore of their products. I also said (and meant it) that I was going to write my States Atty, federal trade commission and the US Postal Service among others. They sent me back an another email that said they were discontinuing my account. I may be out 39.95, that remains to be seen.

But I got rid of this scam company and at least they can't get any more money from my account. What creeps.

What a scam and oh yeah, this product DOES NOT WORK as they say it will. BEWARE!!!!


Yes its true...but I knew that it was going to be a re-curring charge unless I canceled future orders. I was ok with that and when I got a second delivery I did not open it, I called customer service and told them I am returning it un-opened (RETURN TO SENDER written on it)and just expected a credit.

THE PROBLEM I i call today to ask about my refund, and the rep. tells me..there is no refund cause I did not get a "return auth.

# from them" there fore the package gets "destroyed"..and I still have to pay $89.87!!! ($39.99 last month & 49.98 this month) WTF?

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