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This was the first product and company I ever did a free 30 day trial of. Their videos were motivating removing bags within 3 mins! I signed up and got my trial.....and it didn't do that much for the potential cost for each month. I was moving and contacted them a day late (according to them) and they told me I was going to have to get the next 3 mos since I didn't cancel immediately. Think I... Read more

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My 89 year-old mother, a former model, felt that the bags under her eyes were "awful" looking. Most everyone who sees her thinks she's beautiful, especially for her age. But old habits die hard and she ordered Youthology when she saw it on TV. It didn't really work and it's cost us hundreds of dollars to stop the automatic debiting of her account. We finally had to close her account since we got... Read more

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This company is a shame. I was unable to return a shippment that appeared at my door at my complete surprise and they keep charging me for this month after month. Its a ripp of scam at its worst. I tried to talk to the customer service and they were rude and unhelpful. DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT EVER!!! This company is a shame. I was unable to return a shippment that appeared at my door at my... Read more

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When checking my credit card online I saw a $49.98 charge to my card. I called Youthology and was told, if I did not call in within 30 days of receiving the shipment to cancel further shipments, I entered into a contract to receive another shipment and would be billed $49.98 then two more billings of $39.99 for that shipment. I was told I could not get out of the contract as the product has been... Read more

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I still can't understand how a Company like YOuthology, can go on preaching to sell an eye cream/gel that promises to erase wrinkles . Truth is there is no cream or gel that can erase wrinkles. Youthology , wow! Wake up people , stop lying to yourself and wasting your money buying products that all it does is to enrich Companies that scam you into buying products that all it does is to drain... Read more

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hey heather u phony witch. i actually do live in bethalto and would love to meet you. i am convinced cindy crawford and her people are behind all the phony testimonies and thanks to that i will never ever buy any product endorsed by her lying *** and tell valerie bertonelli i will never watch hot in cleveland agin and will encourage all my friends not to watch either. u people disgust me. miss... Read more

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When u order a product name youthology, they will explained that if you are not satisfied about the product, there will be a returned paper where u can send back the product and they will send you your money back within 30 days.well I guess not.this small two tubes that comes with the eye serum 90 second rinkle removes never works.and my face started getting this bad allergy looks like my face... Read more

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Ordered sample products for under $10.00. Checked my Visa later in month over $300.00 had been removed from my Visa by My youthology. I did not order anything else. I would not pay that amount for any skin product. They are Crooks. The whole thing is a scam to get your Visa number. I really do not need 100 words to say they are a fraudulent ***. Anybody that deals with them are going to get... Read more

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Once you order Youthology, you will be sent more shipments that will be billed to your original credit card number whether you want them or not! I also wanted to try the products, which were ok, but then another shipment was billed to my credit card which put me over my balance and I also incurred an over limit charge. I also was told by a Youthology rep that there was nothing they could do but... Read more

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YOU can get your MONEY back and SCREW them at the same TIME...!!! I ordered the YOUTHOLOGY product for my wife like many other people. The product doesn't work AT alI by the way... I paid for a 30 day trial ONLY and they then sent me 90 day supply without my knowledge. I received an e-mail first. I then called the company and told them not to send it. They said it was too late. The shipping... Read more

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